Why Choose The Music for Schools Foundation?

  1. + Over 25 Years Experience
    We have been established for over 25 years and during that time have taught 50,000+ pupils. We believe all children should have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and our experienced team are passionate about providing that chance to as many as possible.
  2. + Affordable and Accessible

    As a non-profit making charity we strive to offer lessons that are as affordable as possible to parents. We have packages that allow children to access a quality instrument and take part in lessons with all the resources they need for less than £1 per day.

    There is no cost to the school and we also offer reduced priced lessons for children eligible for Pupil Premium.

  3. + Talented and Passionate Tutors
    Our Tutors come from all walks of life but share the same passion for enthusing children to learn music. They are carefully selected and can teach all the instruments we offer, meaning a single point of contact for your school. All tutors undertake our specialist training programme and of course have all the necessary safeguarding checks in place.
  4. + Fun Band Teaching Method
    We use a band method of teaching which allows children playing different instruments to learn together in small groups. We believe this has many benefits - it's fun, develops listening and ensemble skills, with mutual support for the pupils, and a healthy dose of competition in there too.

    One of the most popular features of the method is the accompanying backing tracks which can be used to make both lessons and practicing at home more fun. Also, by using the backing track with small ensemble performances, it ensures a fuller and more melodic sound even for pupils beginning their musical journey.
  5. + No Administration for Your School
    We handle all administration and parent communication, freeing up valuable school resources. Simply agree a convenient time for our tutor to visit each week and we'll do the rest.

About Us

Watch the video with Tony to find out more about the benefits of having The Music For School Foundation in your school.

Alternatively to find out more information, give Tony a call on 0345 375 2466 or email tony@mfsf.org.uk