The Music for Schools Foundation is a non-profit making, registered charity providing small group Brass and Woodwind lessons. We have been established for 25 years and in that time have provided lessons to over 50,000 pupils in primary schools all across the country.

We have an amazing team of tutors that are passionate about bringing music to young people.

Our aim is to make music affordable and accessible for everyone, so let's get started!

Our Music Man loves telling children all about the Music for Schools scheme!

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"Sophia has enjoyed learning the clarinet with Music for Schools and it has helped bring out her confidence"


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"Thank you for the lessons Thomas had through MfSF - they have given him a solid foundation in music and I hope, a desire to continue learning for years to come. Look out for him on Jools Holland in 10 years!"


Meet our Music Man Tony Preece and our multi-talented Head Office Team

"It gives me something good to do and makes my family really proud" Cooper, age 10


"Jake has loved his time with Mrs Maddox and she gave him a love of the saxophone which was a happy departure from football which dominates his mind most of the time - we've nothing but praise for her."


"MfSF is such a wonderful and affordable way to get more music into schools and children playing instruments - thank you!"


"Thank you for all your enthusiasm and all the time you put into nurturing our children.  Frances is really enjoying the clarinet and I can't believe how far she has come in such a short time."


"I love music.  My son and I have tried playing a duet - guitar and cornet.  It makes us so happy to share something wonderful."


"I have no doubt that receiving music lessons online and doing something normal during lockdown made a big difference to my son's wellbeing and mental health."


"Mrs Watson is fantastic and so full of praise and encouragement. My daughter always ends the lesson beaming with pride."


"My daughter isn't the most confident child, but Mr Birch is so lovely and encouraging and I'm really pleased with her progress."


"I was totally amazed at the standard of playing at the concert - the pupils were a credit to your teaching and conducting - please don't stop!"


Theia has finally played in
her first school concert and is preparing for her grade 3 flute exam in the spring. It has been a stop-start, difficult road to keep progressing during the pandemic, but her perseverance is due in large part to your tutoring, and your faith in her. Now she is playing in a group, she is very glad she kept going!