Music for Schools is a non-profit making charity so lessons are affordable and accessible.

Find out about our unique and fun teaching method and how much lessons cost!


  1. How much do lessons cost?
    • Lesson are normally just £8.50 each.  
    • Everyone enrols for three lessons initially.
    • If you choose the "Lessons Only" or Normans "Recorder Package" the first payment of £25.50 will be taken when lessons are scheduled.
    • If you choose one of the standard Normans Instrument packages for Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Cornet or Saxophone (either a Purchase or Rental package) then your first 3 lessons are free.
    • Reduced priced lessons are available for children eligible for Pupil Premium. Just let us know and we'll adjust your prices.
    • Lesson payments are made via the Go Cardless Direct Debit system meaning children don't need to take money into school.
  2. Which instruments can my child learn?
    Lessons are available for Clarinet, Mini Clarinet, Flute, Curved Head Flute, Trumpet, Cornet, Alto Saxophone, Mini Saxophone and Recorder
  3. Do children learn in groups or alone?
    Both.  We believe children learn faster and have more fun when they are in groups. They learn to listen and play together which improves timing and tuning skills.  Our unique scheme allows us to teach up to five children at a time.  We also give 1 to 1 lessons when we feel it's beneficial for learning.
  4. How long are the lessons and when are they?
    Lessons last from 15 - 30 minutes depending on the number of children in the group.  Longer Private lessons are available - please ask for more information.

    We agree a timetable with each school individually based on their needs and for this reason lesson times can vary.  Your child's lesson details will be available via SpeedAdmin, our free lessons App.
  5. What happens in lessons?
    • We use the Standard of Excellence tuition book.  Each page teaches something new, gives ways to practice it and rewards the children as they learn with Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates.  
    • The Standard of Excellence method focuses on ability, so we can group children together, regardless of which instrument they play, which really is at the heart of our scheme. 
    • The book comes with downloadable ‘full band’ backing tracks which make practice more fun – it allows the children to experience the thrill of playing in a band.
  6. Do you have a different tutor for each instrument?
    All our tutors are carefully selected to be multi instrumentalists and can teach all the instruments on offer.
  7. Can I see my child perform?
    We encourage children to perform in front of others as soon as they are able.  Most schools support children playing in assemblies and concerts and when they do, we see a big improvement in self-confidence.
  8. What else can children do?
    Lessons are just the start!   Children will have the opportunity to play in bands and ensembles, take exams and attend Fundays with other local children.  Click here to find out more!