Lesson Structure

The Music for Schools scheme uses a unique Band method – children are taught in small groups of up to 4. This gives tutors the opportunity for individual coaching with the benefits of learning together.

Pupils have more fun, learn quicker, and gain additional skills compared with learning on their own - listening, playing in time and in tune, and not underestimating the value of a bit of healthy competition! 

What happens in lessons?

Our approach is underpinned by the tuition book, the Standard of Excellence. The book takes the children step by step, right from assembling the instrument, to learning each new note through to playing whole pieces. Each page teaches something new, gives ways to practice it and rewards the children as they learn. 

The tutors award Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates at stages of the book which are usually presented in school assemblies. The Standard of Excellence method focuses on ability, so we can group children together, regardless of which instrument they play, which really is at the heart of our scheme. 

The book comes with downloadable ‘full band’ backing tracks which make practice more fun – it allows the children to experience the thrill of playing in a band. The children learn to listen, and reinforces the importance of playing in time and in tune with others. 

Who are our tutors?

Our tutors come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds, including professional musicians, the armed forces and everything in between. What ties them together is a true passion for music and a desire to share this with our pupils.

Which instruments do we teach?

Instruments currently taught on our scheme are Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Cornet and Trumpet. In addition, for our smaller pupils we also offer lessons on the Mini Clarinet (the Nuvo) and the Mini Flute (Curved Head).

We also offer Recorder lessons for any pupil wishing to start learning in Year 2. Visit our Instruments page for more information about the instruments themselves.

Parental Support

A little praise goes a long way - you may not be able to recognise the tunes straight away, but some words of encouragement will encourage your child to keep going. If your child has the opportunity to perform in some way, try to come along if you can. Or put on some 'concerts' for family! To help you keep track of lessons we use an administration system called SpeedAdmin which can be accessed online or using a mobile app. It’s completely free and shows the lesson times and dates, records whether pupils attend their lessons and even lets you know if they don’t! Tutors record homework via the built in StudyPlan, and you can communicate with them through the chat feature. 

Making Music Accessible

Our mission is to make music accessible to all. We are therefore proud to be able to offer a number of our pupils lessons at a reduced rate, in line with our eligibility criteria. Please contact us for further information.

Lesson Prices

Lessons are £7.50 each and everyone signs up for an initial block of 10 lessons (£75), which roughly equates to a school term of 3 months.  In our experience, this is long enough for children and parents to decide whether learning a musical instrument is right for them.

If you are taking advantage of either the Rental or Purchase packages for your child's instrument, there is a 50% discount on the first term too, so the first 10 lessons are only £3.75 each (£37.50 for the whole term)!

For pupils learning the recorder, things are a little different - there isn't a 50% discount on the first term - instead we only ask for a payment for 5 lessons to get started, again at the cost of £7.50 per lesson.