Our Aim

The Music for Schools Foundation’s aim is to provide affordable and accessible music tuition in primary schools in England. Music might be considered a luxury, but we have seen first-hand the benefits it can have on so many levels - educationally, personally, socially and behaviourally. With the help of generous benefactors, we can bring music into the lives of even more children!

Every Donation Helps

As a registered, non-profit making charity, we greatly appreciate all donations. A suggested donation of £25.50 would cover the cost of 3 lessons for a child however we welcome any contribution be it higher or lower - every donation helps!


Why Your Donation Matters

Before you decide to donate to the Music for Schools Foundation, you might like to know what our costs are. 

• School Assemblies; Our music man travels across the country giving assemblies to showcase all of the instruments that pupils can choose to learn. 
Pupil Premium Support; To achieve our aim of making music accessible, many of our pupils benefit from discounted lessons which are available to pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding. This cost is absorbed by the charity.
Administrative Costs; we provide full admin support to Schools and tutors and we have a great Head Office team that manage all aspects of the scheme.
Extra-curricular Opportunities; pupils are provided with many additional musical opportunities such as school bands and access to external exams and music fun days!

Thank you, MfSF!

Thank you for the lessons Thomas had through MfSF - they have given him a solid foundation in music and I hope, a desire to continue learning for years to come. Without their pupil premium reductions we definately wouldn't have been able to afford this privately!"



A Pupil's Parent

A Necessity

“Learning to play a classical instrument from a young age allowed me the skill to read music and play any genre. As a direct result of achieving my grades, I was able to combat stage fright early, happily play in bands both inside and outside of school as a teenager and travel around the world as a performing musician.”


Rory Bailey

Tuition Liaison

Donations help Music for Schools continue to provide free music assemblies in primary schools. I love getting the children excited about music and all the benefits it brings them. It's the most enjoyable part of my day.


Tony Preece

The Music Man