How Do We Get Started?

  1. + Book Your Free Assembly
    Once you've decided to enrol your school onto our scheme simply contact us to book your free music assembly. These typically last for around 30 minutes and will introduce your pupils to the range of instruments we teach. 

    The assemblies are educational and a lot of fun too! We will demonstrate the sound of the instruments and explain how they work, so we're combining music with the science.

    We'll then ask you to send a letter home to parents for us explaining what we do and how to find out more about the lessons and then enrol their child.
  2. + Parents Enrol Their Children
    Once parents have had chance to look through our information and their child has chosen an instrument our head office team will be on hand to answer any questions and help them through the enrolment process.

    Once we've received all the enrolments for your school we will work with you, and our chosen tutor, to schedule lessons on a day and time suitable for everyone.
  3. + First Lessons
    Once children have received their instruments we will let parents and yourselves know when the first lesson will be.  Our amazing tutor will take it from there!
  4. + Lesson Management
    Schools and parents have access to our free software showing when pupils are scheduled to be taught. It also tracks attendance, any homework, provides two-way communication between parent and tutor and also shows you all of your tutor's important information such as DBS status, etc.

About Us

Watch the video with Tony to find out more about the benefits of having The Music For School Foundation in your school.

Alternatively to find out more information, give Tony a call on 0345 375 2466 or email