Terms and Conditions

Lessons Per Term

Our tutors deliver 30 lessons per year, invoiced at 5 per half term. Lessons are distributed evenly over the course of each half term, meaning that there will not necessarily be a lesson every week. You may also find that more lessons are given in the Autumn and Spring than in the Summer (to try and accommodate Bank holidays, school trips and secondary school visits!) Once lessons have commenced, your child's tutor will notify you of the lesson start date each half term.

Lesson Times

After the initial lesson, your child's tutor will advise of any changes to the lesson time. It is advisable that pupils arrive punctually or a few minutes early, in order to maximise lesson time.
MfSF will endeavour to accommodate parental requests. However, this is dependent on tutor availability.

Lesson Groupings

Typically, groups of 4 and 5 children are taught for 30 minutes, 3 pupils for 25 minutes, and 2 pupils for 20 minutes. The tutor may alter a pupil's grouping, dependent upon age and ability, particularly if they feel a pupil may benefit from alternative grouping arrangements.

What Happens If...?

The pupil is ill or away on holiday.
The Foundation is under no obligation to replace this lesson.
The pupil forgets their instrument or lesson
The Foundation is under no obligation to replace this lesson.
The pupil has a long-term absence, e.g. broken limb, illness (3 consecutive weeks or more)
Parents should contact Head Office at the earliest opportunity, and we will make arrangements to amend your next invoice.
The pupil’s instrument is broken or away for swap or repair
The pupil should go to the lesson as normal, and a Theory lesson will be given when appropriate. If for any reason a Theory lesson cannot be given, the lesson will be replaced at a later date.
The MfSF tutor is absent
The lesson will be made up during the current or following terms.
School Trip/Inset Day
If we are given more than 2 days notice, the tutor will endeavour to make up the lesson as above, or a double length lesson will be given.
A lesson is scheduled on a bank holiday
The tutor will take this lesson on a separate occasion.
The tutor will take this lesson on a separate occasion.

Pupil Progress

Detailed Progress Reports will be issued at the end of the Summer Term each year. If you require a summary of your child’s progress at any other time of year, please feel free to request one from Head Office or your tutor.


There are opportunities for pupils to take Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations. The MfSF tutor will advise when your child is ready to be entered.

Music and Accessories

Parents will be requested to purchase additional music required for lessons and examinations, and accessories such as reeds, valve oil, cork grease, etc, when they are needed.

Lesson Costs

Current charges for 5 standard lessons are £37.50.

If you have ordered an instrument via one of the Normans packages (with the exception of Recorders), you will receive your first term of lessons at half price. If you have provided your own instrument, 10 lessons must be paid for in advance and at the full rate.

How do I pay?

Payments will be taken where possible via Direct Debit through our provider GoCardless.
Lessons will be withdrawn if payment fails, and we are under no obligation to replace lessons missed due to non-payment.

We have some funding for reduced price lessons if your child is eligible for Pupil Premium funding. Please contact us for further information. We reserve the right to charge the full price for lessons if we do not receive adequate documentation in support of an application for reduced price lessons.

Instrument Repairs

If you have obtained your instrument through Normans Ltd, and a problem arises, your instrument may be repaired by your child's tutor.

If they are unable to make the repair and the instrument is within the specified guarantee period of the rental or purchase, you should contact Normans via email using the address support@normans.co.uk. Normans will advise of the arrangements for the collection, repair and return of your child’s instrument.

Please do not take the instrument to be repaired by a non-affiliated Normans repairer, as Normans would be unable to reimburse repair fees.

Pupils attending lessons with their own instruments must make sure that their instrument is in good working order. Should a minor fault occur, the MfSF tutor will attempt to repair the instrument in order to ensure the pupil can participate in the lesson.

If you do not wish the tutor to make repairs to your child's instrument, please advise MfSF Head Office in writing, at the address above, before tuition commences. If the tutor is unable to repair the instrument, please make arrangements to repair the instrument prior to the next lesson.

We regret to advise that tuition refunds are not available if the pupil's instrument is away for repair. The pupil should attend the lesson as usual, but without their instrument and a theory lesson will be delivered.

Ending Lessons

Whilst we hope that all pupils enjoy their lessons, we do understand than in some instances it may be necessary to cancel your lessons. If this is the case, please notify Head Office as soon as possible - cancellations CANNOT be taken by your tutor or school. As payments are made in advance of the half term starting, we ask that you let us know before the end of the previous calendar month. Please see below for clarification:

Payment Date Cancellation Deadline
15th August 31st July
15th October 30th September
15th December 30th November
15th February 31st January
15th April 31st March
15th June 31st May

If you have purchased your instrument outright from Normans, you can return it to them for a 75% refund within 6 months of your lessons starting (calculated from the date of your first lesson). If you wish to cancel a hire agreement with Normans, this can be done provided at least 3 payments have been made.

Normans Ltd provide our parents with excellent instruments and service, however your instrument agreement is separate to your tuition and Normans do not accept any liability in the event of changes to your lesson provision.