At Music for Schools we take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously.

We recognise that our tutors are in a privileged position, and as such we make sure that we vet them carefully.  We also make sure that we train and support them thoroughly before they enter a school.


Wherever possible, we will obtain a copy of each tutor's passport to verify their identity.  Failing this, other routes of identify checking will be undertaken.


A minimum of two references will be obtained for all MfSF tutors.  We feel that it is important to ensure that a tutor's application on paper can be supported by real people.

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)

Of course, all tutors will have a valid DBS certificate.  In most cases, this is completed specifically for MfSF.  However in some cases, and we recommend it for all of our tutors actually, tutors are registered with the Update Service, which enables not only us, but anyone including schools, to check a pre-existing DBS to make sure it is still valid.


Given the complex nature of child protection, we wanted to ensure that all of our tutors are fully prepared for any eventuality in schools and we therefore require all tutors to be trained to Level 2 (basic training is Level 1, and Level 3 is completed by Headteachers).

Tutors also complete additional training on the PREVENT duty, and of course we have a Music for Schools Foundation Safeguarding Policy which all tutors possess and which is updated regularly.