Pupil Recruitment

Essential to the success of the scheme in schools is the recruitment of new pupils. As a group teaching scheme, we require a certain level of pupils in order to run successfully and natural wastage means we like to visit schools every 18 months to 2 years to maintain healthy pupil numbers.

We are able to offer free pupil recruitment to schools, which includes a music workshop for pupils and a presentation to parents, both delivered by our experienced and very enthusiastic representative. Our Head Office team handle all the administration of both the workshop and presentation, all we ask is that you are able to free up some time in your school diary for our visit.


The workshop is a musical presentation delivered to all pupils in Key Stage 2 by a Music for Schools representative. Usually lasting for about 30 noisy minutes (!), it gives pupils the opportunity to learn about the instruments we offer, their sounds and history and incorporates various musical elements.

The workshop is free of charge to schools and our representative will also provide professionally printed flyers for pupils to take home, inviting parents to an information evening.


Usually about a week after the music workshop, we host a parents evening to introduce the scheme to parents and answer any questions. This usually takes place either immediately after school or in the early evening, but our representative is happy to fit in with any particular requirements a school may have.

The presentation lasts about 30 to 40 minutes in which we cover the key elements of the scheme, including the costs for parents and the variety of options available. Again, the parents evening is free of charge to schools and we provide all accompanying literature for parents.

Pupils are encouraged to attend, as following the presentation, children are able to try any of the instruments. Our representative can then assess their suitability and advise parents accordingly.

Wherever possible, our tutor will also attend the presentation to give parents an opportunity meet them before enrolling.

We know that there is a lot of information to take in, which is why we follow up every parents evening with an email to parents thanking them for attending and detailing our contact information, should they have any further questions. Our experienced and knowledgable Head Office team are always on hand to guide parents through the enrolment process.


Enrolments are completed online by the parent and, usually about 2 weeks after the presentation, your tuition co-ordinator will contact you to arrange a suitable timetable and start date for the new pupils.


Lessons usually start between 3 and 6 weeks after the presentation, depending upon the number of pupils, the time of year and tutor availability. We liaise directly with parents regarding the start of lessons and copies of all correspondence relating to lessons is always sent to schools.


No, we are able to accept new pupils at any point in the academic year. Please direct any parent enquiries about starting lessons to our Head Office team who can talk them through the options available and how to enrol.