The Mini Clarinet

Even the clarinet is too big for some of our younger and smaller pupils. It is really important to us that we take advantage of the enthusiasm that young children have, so we also offer lessons on the mini clarinet. 

We can supply a Nuvo clarinet for our younger pupils - a lightweight instrument that is played in exactly the same way as the standard clarinet. The mini clarinet is a great way for our younger pupils to start out and it gives them a good grounding in correct technique until they are ready for a full size instrument. 

Don't worry though, you will not have to buy a second instrument as your child gets older. Both the purchase and rental options from Normans include a brand new full size clarinet which you can swap up to at any point.

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Mini Clarinet History

The mini clarinet is a member of the woodwind family.  They were developed to allow smaller children to learn the clarinet as they are shorter and lighter than the full-sized version.  However, they sound exactly the same.

The sound is produced by a small, thin piece of cane called a reed.  It is fastened firmly in the mouthpiece and vibrates when you blow it.  The notes are changed by covering different combinations of holes which effectively make the pipe longer or shorter.  

The name Clarinet means 'little trumpet' and they are found in woodwind groups, concert bands and symphony orchestras, as well as big bands and jazz groups
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Mini Clarinet Prices

When you order a mini clarinet from Normans you are actually paying for the full-sized clarinet.  You will be loaned a refurbished mini clarinet free of charge until your child is big enough to swap to the full-sized instrument.

The Norman's Rental option costs £15 per month and if you make 24 payments you can keep the instrument.  You can cancel your agreement after making a minimum of 3 payments.

The Norman's Purchase option costs £225 and if you return the instrument within 6 months you get 75% back.

Remember, when getting your instrument from Normans you get your first 10 lessons at half price.

To see what is included in the instrument packages click here.
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Mini Clarinet Maintenance

The most important thing to remember when looking after your mini clarinet is to dry it inside and out after use.  Reeds will need to be replaced from time to time as they are fragile and wear out eventually.

Remember to swap to the full-sized instrument once your tutor says your child is big enough.  If you order a Norman's mini clarinet the swap is free of charge and you'll be sent a brand new full-sized clarinet in its place.

For more information on caring for your mini clarinet click here.
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Listen to the Mini Clarinet

The mini clarinet has a beautiful, mellow tone and sounds just like the full-sized clarinet.  Click here to listen to an example.