Why Choose the Mini Clarinet?

The Clarinet is our most popular instrument and the Mini Clarinet allows smaller children to learn to play without having to wait until they're bigger.

It's really easy to play and children make progress quickly.

It sounds exactly the same as a full sized Clarinet.

Starting with the Mini Clarinet makes it easier to swap to a Clarinet and then a Saxophone later on.

Easy to assemble and carry around.
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About the Mini Clarinet

The mini clarinet is a member of the woodwind family.  They were developed to allow smaller children to learn the clarinet as they are shorter and lighter than the full-sized version.  However, they sound exactly the same.

The sound is produced by a small, thin piece of cane called a reed.  It is fastened firmly in the mouthpiece and vibrates when you blow it.  The notes are changed by covering different combinations of holes which effectively make the pipe longer or shorter.  

The name Clarinet means 'little trumpet' and they are found in woodwind groups, concert bands and symphony orchestras, as well as big bands and jazz groups.
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Listen to the Mini Clarinet

The mini clarinet has a beautiful, mellow tone and sounds just like the full-sized clarinet.  Click here to listen to an example.
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More useful information

As the Clarinet is easy to blow, most children will be playing tunes within a few weeks. 

The hand positions are natural for beginners and are similar to other reed instruments, so if your child would like to learn the Saxophone in future, this is quite natural.

Mini Clarinets from Normans Musical Instruments are reconditioned instruments loaned to you until your child is big enough to swap to the brand new full sized clarinet.  

All full sized Clarinets supplied by Normans Musical Instruments are brand new.

Our tutors let parents know when it's time to swap.

Looking after your Mini Clarinet is really easy.  For more information on caring for your mini clarinet click here.

Reeds will need to be replaced from time to time as they are fragile and wear out eventually.