Head Office Team Members

Victor Ko

Ali Wooding

Head of Service

Ali has been with Music for Schools since 2000 and has lots of experience in all aspects of Music for Schools life. She started playing the flute in group lessons at primary school and is therefore hugely enthusiastic about the Music for Schools scheme. Achieving Grade 8 at age 15, Ali has also taught privately as well as heading up the office. She has accumulated a bizarre knowledge of postcodes and area phone codes. Which she is strangely proud of. In her spare time, Ali's musical outlet is mainly now singing in an acoustic trio, and she also likes to delve into family history.
Tony Preece

Tony Preece

Enrolment Manager (The Music Man)

Tony began his musical journey when his school was visited by a "music man". Shortly afterwards he began learning a brass instrument and went on to play in Championship level bands, even competing at the Royal Albert Hall. Since then he has played in many countries and over forty years later is still playing in Brass, Wind and Big Bands. Tony has a passion for showing primary school children how they can begin their musical journey so they have the same opportunities he enjoyed.
Richard Bauer

Debra Reiblein

Accounts Manager

Debra has played many different parts at Music for Schools since she started in 2014. Debra now makes sure that all aspects of the MfSF accounts are shipshape, and we really don't know where we'd be without her! Debra loves many different types of music, and ran an events and promotion company staging live concerts to feature new bands and artists. In her spare time she loves to spend time with her grandchildren.
Marin Julia

Sally Nutt

Tuition Co-ordinator

Sally joined Music for Schools in the Spring of 2020, to liaise with parents, tutors and schools. She has taught woodwind and theory privately for over thirty years. Sally and her family very much enjoy live music and have travelled a great deal to attend concerts, including to see a blues band in a pub in Antwerp, and a rock/classical fusion Sting concert in Bilbao. Sally has enjoyed playing lots of different instruments, including the violin (very badly!), piano, clarinet, saxophone, flute, steel ping-pong, crumhorn and ocarina. She has a not-so-secret hankering to own and play a set of Scottish bagpipes.