Meet the Head Office Team

Music isn't what we do, it's who we are

Ali Wooding - Head of Service

Ali has been with Music for Schools since 2000 and has lots of experience in all aspects of Music for Schools life. She started playing the flute in group lessons at primary school and is therefore hugely enthusiastic about the Music for Schools scheme. Achieving Grade 8 at age 15, Ali has also taught privately as well as heading up the office. She has accumulated a bizarre knowledge of postcodes and area phone codes which she is strangely proud of. In her spare time Ali's musical outlet is mainly now singing in an acoustic duo with her husband, and she also likes to delve into family history.

Tony Preece - Enrolment Manager

Tony (aka "The Music Man") began his musical journey at Primary school. He began learning a brass instrument and went on to play in Championship level bands, playing several times at the Royal Albert Hall. Since then he has played in many countries and over forty years later is still playing in Brass, Wind and Big Bands. Tony has a passion for showing primary school children how they can begin their musical journey so they have the same opportunities he enjoyed. Outside work he enjoys the outdoor life, travelling around in his campervan called Flo.

Debra Reiblein - Accounts Manager

Debra has played many different parts at Music for Schools since she started in 2014. Debra now makes sure that all aspects of the MfSF accounts are shipshape, and we really don't know where we'd be without her! Debra loves many different types of music, and ran an events and promotion company staging live concerts to feature new bands and artists. In her spare time she loves to spend time with her grandchildren.

Rory Bailey - Tuition Liaison

Rory is a classically trained guitarist who attained his Grade 8 during his mid-teens. Now in his mid-thirties, he has played in several bands over the past two decades in various genres and currently plays bass guitar for a 50’s Rock and Roll band based in Hungary (although he still lives in England)! His musical tastes encompass all genres and, as someone who achieved his grades at an early age, fully appreciates the importance of musical education.

Phoebe Harley - Tuition Liaison

Phoebe’s love of music started from a young age where she learnt to play the Clarinet and Piano alongside her brother. Her passion for music and education has always been a huge part of her life, with the Piano she learnt to play on as a child now ready and waiting for her children to now learn! Phoebe’s role within the Head-Office team is ensuring all administration is in tip top shape and the first point of contact to support parents and tutors. Phoebe’s background is retail management so comes with a wealth of knowledge and customer service experience. At home, Phoebe has two young boys who love to explore the outdoors with their boisterous Labrador!