Why Choose the Flute?

Flutes are really popular instruments as they make a really beautiful sound.

Flutes are easy to assemble and require almost no day to day care.

There are no consumables to buy with a Flute.

There is a Curved Head Flute for smaller children to start on.

Flutes are light and easy to carry around.
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About the Flute

Although a member of the woodwind family, modern flutes are mostly made from metal. 

The earliest flutes date back over 35,000 years making them one of the oldest instruments in the world.  They have been made out of lots of different materials including wood, bone, ivory, silver and even gold.

The sound is produced by blowing across the hole in the head joint, similar to how you make a sound by blowing across the top of a bottle.

The notes are changed by covering different combinations of holes which effectively make the pipe longer or shorter.  

Flutes are found in woodwind groups, concert bands and symphony orchestras, as well as big bands and jazz groups.
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Listen to the Flute

The flute has a beautiful, soft sound.  

Click here to listen to an example.
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More useful information

The most important thing to remember when looking after your flute is to dry it inside and out after use.

To help avoid sticking pads try not to eat or drink anything sugary before playing.

Remember to return it to its case each time after you've finished playing.

Some children are too small for the Flute.  Don't worry, the Curved Head Flute is much shorter and is played in exactly the same way.

The Flute packages from Normans Musical Instruments are supplied with the Abracadabra tuition book in addition to the Standard of Excellence book.

For more information on caring for your flute click here.