Why Choose the Recorder?

Younger children find recorders easy to hold and to blow, meaning they can get started on their musical journey easily.

The skills learned on the Recorder are transferrable so children can easily switch to a different instrument as they get older.

Recorders are small, light and easy to carry.

There are no consumables needed.
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About the Recorder

The recorder is a member of the woodwind family and is ideal for small children to begin their musical journey.

Recorders were first seen in the Middle Ages but didn't become popular until much later.  They are often heard playing music from the Baroque era (roughly the 1600's).  King Henry VIII was a big fan and had several different kinds that he played very well!

To produce a sound we simply blow in the mouthpiece.  The notes are changed by covering different combinations of holes which effectively make the pipe longer or shorter.
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Listen to the Recorder

The recorder is quick and easy to learn.  

Click here to listen to an example.
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More useful information

The recorder is an ideal instrument for children in Year 2 to start with as they are easy to blow and the fingers are placed in a natural position, even for very small hands.  As children get older it will be easy for them to swap to a different instrument.

The most important thing to remember when looking after your recorder is to dry it inside and out after use.

Try to avoid eating sugary foods and drinks before playing.