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The Normans Musical Instruments Purchase Package offers the lowest overall cost and features a unique buy-back option if you change your mind within 6 months

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With this option you own the instrument outright from the beginning.

A 75% refund of the package price is guaranteed if the instrument is returned within six months of the first lesson (not applicable to recorders or mini saxophones).

A £50 trade in value can be offered when upgrading from the Mini Saxophone to the full-sized Alto Saxophone.

What's included

  • Instrument and case
  • Tuition book(s) 
  • Music stand 
  • Book bag 
  • Free delivery 
  • 24 months maintenance cover (excluding the mini saxophone, which has a 12 month warranty)
  • Flexibility to return instrument (within 6 months for a 75% refund - not applicable for the Mini Saxophone) 
  • Choose this option to receive your first 3 lessons FREE (lessons paid for separately)

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Important information

Remember that if your child needs a Mini Clarinet you will receive a reconditioned instrument and this will be swapped for a full sized, brand new instrument once your child is big enough. All payments made are for the full sized instrument and the Mini Clarinet is "on loan" for as long as you need it.

If your child wishes to swap to a different instrument in the same price band you can do so at no extra cost.  If the instrument is in a different price band contact Normans to see if there is any difference to pay.

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