Instrument Repairs

What to do if my instrument isn’t working

If your instrument is not working properly it is important to have it repaired promptly to avoid affecting your lessons.

Was your instrument from Normans?

If you have obtained your instrument from Normans Musical instruments, in the first instance your tutor may be able to repair it.

If they are unable to help you should contact Normans on 01283 535333 or email and they will advise what to do next. They will ask you what is wrong with the instrument, so have any information from your tutor to hand - even knowing which note doesn’t work can be really helpful.

Many repairs are covered by the Normans maintenance agreement and are free of charge.

Please note that your maintenance agreement does not cover wilful or excessive damage.

Please do not take the instrument to be repaired by a non-affiliated Normans repairer, as Normans would be unable to reimburse repair fees.

If your instrument was not from Normans

If your instrument was not purchased from Normans please arrange your own repair by a reputable instrument repairer as soon as possible to minimise the effect on lessons.  Normans recommended repairers can be found here.

What happens to lessons while my instrument is being repaired?

If your child's instrument isn’t working they should still attend their lessons as there are lots of other ways for them to learn which don’t require an instrument.

If you find that your instrument is going to be out of action for a while please give us a call on 0345 375 2466 to discuss the options available.