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As well as our tutors being a truly amazing bunch, we want you to know that even the administration of your child's lessons is completed by musical people!


ALI WOODING - Head of Service

Ali has been with Music for Schools since 2000 and has lots of experience in all aspects of Music for Schools life.  She started playing the flute in group lessons at primary school and is therefore hugely enthusiastic about the Music for Schools scheme.  Achieving Grade 8 at age 15, Ali has also taught privately as well as heading up the office.  She has accumulated a bizarre knowledge of postcodes and area phone codes.  Which she is strangely proud of.  In her spare time, Ali's musical outlet is mainly now singing in an acoustic trio, and she also likes to delve into family history.


CAROLINE OWEN - Tuition Co-ordinator

Caroline has been with Music for Schools since late 2009 and has pretty much covered every role in the office.  She is expert in accounts, but is now looking after tutors, schools and parents in the Midlands, Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire and Somerset.  Starting out as a brass player, Caroline moved into the world of musical theatre, and has been a keen member of her local amateur dramatics group.




Debra is the newest member of the Music for Schools team, and like Caroline has played many different parts since she started in 2014.  Debra makes sure that all aspects of the MfSF accounts are shipshape, and we really don't know where we'd be without her!  Debra loves many different types of music, and ran an events and promotion company staging live concerts to feature new bands and artists.



EMILY VERE - Tuition Co-ordinator

Emily joined us in early 2012.  Emily looks after all of the tutors, schools and parents in Kent, Essex and Leeds.  Emily has had a huge creative influence since she started, and her input in arranging and developing our Fun Days has been invaluable.  She is also our social media Guru, so is responsible for all of our tweets and posts!  Emily has loved music from an early age and plays piano, guitar and violin.  Emily also enjoys singing and making jewellery in her spare time!



ALAN SUMMERS - Regional Development

Alan came on board with Music for Schools right at the very beginning.  Alan spends most of his time driving around the country, enthralling children with his musical instruments and encouraging them to take up playing.  Alan believes passionately in what we do, and can often be found talking to headteachers about the benefits of having a musical school!  When not playing for Music for Schools, Alan is a member of numerous bands where he spends a lot of time blowing his own trumpet!