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We are always humbled to receive positive feedback from parents and schools, and we appreciate that before trusting us with your children's musical education, you might want to see what other people have said about us:


Leo has been learning with Mrs Stopp at Silver End in Braintree, Essex and his Mum shared these kind words:

"Leo is still loving his clarinet lessons and I'm pleased to say that his new school has MfSF lessons so he will be able to carry on.  I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your teaching.  Leo thinks a lot of you, and I know that you have got on well.  In fact, I'm sure that this is a big part of how he has progressed to get his Gold in only a year and a half.  I love that he is learning to play a musical instrument, and that he is going to continue."

Mrs Stopp is clearly doing a great job of inspiring and encouraging her pupils!

Also some feedback about our Senior Tutor in Essex:

"Just wanted to say thanks for teaching Jake these last couple of years, it's been great for him to learn something new outside of sport and we've booked him in for lessons in September.

I was so proud of his Madness piece at the musical showcase, it reduced my dad to tears as my grandad was a great musician, especially wind instruments.  Jake has a renewed love of the Sax these last couple of months and I thank you for that, he adored you and looked forward to each lesson.  He's now started to try out pieces by ear on the recorder and the keyboard - from Titanic to Stormzy - I try to be encouraging, ha!

Jake has loved his time with Mrs Maddox and she gave him a love of the saxophone which was a happy departure from football which dominates his mind most of the time - we've nothing but praise for her."


One of our most popular fundays takes place in Kent, and following a really successful 2 day 'Music Summer School' we had lots of lovely feedback:

"Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the performance this afternoon and a huge thanks to you. It was so lovely to see the children perform together and fantastic that there were also solo performances. It was great to see the different ages/abilities all come together. I can’t believe you all survived in this crazy weather. Hats off to you! It was fantastic!"

"I was totally amazed at the standard of playing at the concert on Thursday - you may have been able to tell!  I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Considering the fact that most of the children had not played as part of a group before Wednesday, it was just brilliant how well they all played their parts and ultimately played together.  They were a credit to your teaching and conducting - please don't stop!"

One of the children themselves said, at the end of the first day "it was really hard, but I've learned sooooo much!"

Although it is sad to say goodbye to pupils we have taught for several years, comments like these make us very proud:

"Lucas has thoroughly enjoyed his clarinet lessons with Mr Milford and then Mr Shotton who was kind enough to stay on to see Lucas through his Grade 2 exam, which we are very grateful to him for.  Lucas will certainly be carrying on with his clarinet lessons when he moves up to senior school and our youngest son will be carrying on his cornet lessons with his new teacher now that Mr Shotton has retired.  MfSF is such a wonderful and affordable way to get more music into schools and children playing instruments - thank you!"

Another lovely email from a parent:

"Daniel is really enjoying playing the cornet.  I was thrilled to come across a song from Trinidad, my home country, in his book.  It is 'Mary Ann', originally sung by the Roaring Lion in 1947 (I think).  Due to this song Daniel has become very interested in finding out about Calypso which cheers me no end.  And brass instruments are essential to the orchestration of traditional Calypso so he is already listening out to what he could play.  I have no idea why, but Daniel has always wanted to play the trumpet since he was 3 years old.  He was so excited when this opportunity came along.  While I have to remind him to practice, I never need to say it twice.  He is always looking ahead to what else he could play.  I love music.  Daniel and I have tried playing a duet - guitar and cornet.  It makes us so happy to share something wonderful."

If this isn't the point of what we do, we're not sure what is!


We are passionate about enabling pupils to take up an instrument and experience music.  It is nice to know that we can offer the opportunity to pupils who may not have otherwise had the opportunity:

"I would just like to say THANK YOU for this opportunity for my son to learn to play a musical instrument.  I am amazed at how quickly he has picked it up - he seems to be a natural!  The term's topic has been Vikings, and Malachi has actually written a song and put music to it with the notes that he has already learned.  He really loves music and obviously has a talent - I am really proud of him but none of this would have been possible without your organisation and the financial help you are offering at this present time while it is needed."

Malachi learns with our lovely tutor Mr White at Gonerby Hill Foot Primary School in Grantham - we hope that he continues to love his lessons and thank his mum for her kind words.


We love to encourage new pupils to take up a musical instrument, and to do this we visit schools to give a fun musical presentation.  Following a recent visit to a school in Manchester, Moorside Primary School, we received the following email from the Assistant Headteacher:

"Just wanted to give you some feedback regarding the visit to our school by Alan this morning.

The children really enjoyed his assembly today - he had 400 children aged 4-11 in the 'palm of his hand'.  The children loved it and learnt so much from it too.  Adults also were very impressed and entertained.

On a personal note, in 30 years of teaching all around the country, I don't think I have ever enjoyed a visitor's assembly more."


Senior Tutor Pat Aitken is one of the most enthusiastic tutors ever, and really believes in getting the pupils performing in any way possible.  After sharing some photos of one of her school bands, a parent replied to her:

"Thank you too for all your enthusiasm and all the time you put into nurturing our children.  Frances is really enjoying the clarinet and I can't believe how far she has come on in such a short time."

Another of Pat's parents had the following amazing praise:

"Pat is a unique teacher, one you will remember for the rest of your life.  She is patient, kind, with a genuine care for others.  Her passion for music comes through in her lessons, making them fun, memorable and educational.  Her dynamic approach engages students which brings out their potential.  Pat has so much to give and her passion and enthusiasm is inspirational.  In Finley's words 'Pat is awesome'.