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Lean on Me - Music Video

The last year has been such a challenge for everyone and I’m sure, like us, you are all looking forward to life returning to normal.  One thing that the COVID pandemic has really shown us, is that kindness is SO important and can make such a difference to our lives, whether someone has been kind to us or we have shown kindness to others.  Knowing that there is someone out there to support you, can make a huge difference to your mental health. 

 Music for Schools have run various projects over the last year, encouraging pupils, tutors and family members to get involved in making music together, virtually.  As you have all been so amazing at joining in, we thought we would set another challenge that will spread a positive and comforting message to anyone who might be feeling vulnerable or alone at the moment. 

 So, for our spring project, we are inviting pupils to join us again to create a video of ‘Lean on Me’ by Bill Withers – we will be asking pupils, tutors, family members and friends to get involved by playing your instrument, by singing or by doing both. We can't wait to be able to spread some comfort and joy to our friends and family!

If you would like to submit a video of your child playing their instrument and/or singing, you can click on the specific parts below which you can download and print at home. 

  1. Alto Saxophone 1
  2. Alto Saxophone 2
  3. Bb Clarinet 1
  4. Bb Clarinet 2
  5. Bb Trumpet/Cornet 1
  6. Bb Trumpet/Cornet 2
  7. Flute 1
  8. Flute 2
  9. Mini Clarinet 1
  10. Mini Clarinet 2
  11. Recorder
  12. Voice
  13. Lyric Sheet

You can also download the accompanying audio track which you can use to play along with by clicking on the Audio parts. 
  1. Alto Saxophone 1 (Audio)
  2. Alto Saxophone 2 (Audio)
  3. Bb Clarinet 1 (Audio)
  4. Bb Clarinet 2 (Audio)
  5. Bb Trumpet/Cornet 1 (Audio)
  6. Bb Trumpet/Cornet 2 (Audio)
  7. Flute 1 (Audio)
  8. Flute 2 (Audio)
  9. Mini Clarinet 1
  10. Mini Clarinet 2
  11. Recorder (Audio)
  12. Voice (Audio)
  13. Full Ensemble (Audio)

When recording your video, it is really important that your child plays along with their individual part (or full ensemble if you prefer) - this is to ensure that they keep in time with the music, so a multi-gadget approach is best – follow these instructions and you can’t go wrong: 

  1. Download your child's part or vocal part and get them to listen to the audio through earphones. 
  2. Ask a member of your household to record your child playing their part along with the audio, this way they will keep in time with all of the parts. 
  3. When recording your child’s part, please ensure that the video is in landscape

Once you have a recording that you are happy with, please email it to us by Sunday 18th April at info@mfsf.org.uk – this is easily done via wesendit.com or any other suitable file-sharing platform. 

Please either label the video with your child’s name and part or make a note of your child's name and part when sending your email, for example; 'Emily Nicholson – Flute 2.' 

We will then make a video featuring all of the submissions and share our ‘Lean on Me’ music video with you on social media at the beginning of the Summer term (please note that by submitting your child’s video, you are consenting to their video being published online).

*We are asking pupils, parents and tutors to dress up in something bright and bold!  A prize will be given to the best dressed pupil*