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Holiday in Spain - End of Summer Music Project

We hope that you are all enjoying the Summer Holidays and are staying safe.

Usually families would have been heading off to various places, and the irony isn’t lost on us that we have an end of Summer music project called ‘Holiday In Spain’!

We would love it if as many pupils as possible could record themselves playing the piece of music demonstrated in the video featuring some of our MfSF tutors (which is called Holiday in Spain!).

Click HERE to watch the video!

Below, you can download the part for the instrument that your child plays.  There are options for various difficulty levels for each instrument so your child should be able to find a part that they can manage.

  1. Bb Clarinet - Part 1
  2. Bb Clarinet - Part 2
  3. Bb Clarinet - Part 3
  4. Bb Cornet/Trumpet - Part 1
  5. Bb Cornet/Trumpet - Part 2
  6. Bb Cornet/Trumpet - Part 3
  7. Alto Sax - Part 1
  8. Alto Sax - Part 2
  9. Flute - Part 1
  10. Flute - Part 2

It’s really important that your child plays along to the tutor recording so that they keep in time with the music, so a multi-gadget approach is best – follow these instructions and you can’t go wrong:
  1. Get the Youtube video ready on your phone or computer and listen to the audio through earphones.
  2. Ask another member of your household to record you playing your part along with the video on the screen, this way you will keep in time with the other parts.
  3. When recording your part, please ensure that your video is in landscape.
  4. Once you have a recording that you are happy with, please email it to us by Friday 4th September at info@mfsf.org.uk – this is easily done via wesendit.com or any other suitable file-sharing platform.

We will then make a video featuring all of the submissions and share it with you all on social media (please note that by submitting your child’s video you are consenting to their video being published online).

It’s not as good as actually being on ‘Holiday In Spain’, but it might keep us all entertained for a bit, so we can’t wait to hear the pupils submissions!