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Online Lessons

Safeguarding and Terms and Conditions

First and foremost, it is really important that we take all necessary steps to keep your child safe whilst learning online.  Our tutors are already DBS checked as is required in any school setting, and this status will be maintained.

Please read this page carefully - we assume that you are giving your consent unless you let us know otherwise.


  • The lesson will only take place at the time published by MfSF.
  • We will record your child’s attendance in the usual way.  If your child does not attend with no notice given they will be marked as absent and the lesson will not be replaced.
  • If there is a genuine reason why your child will not be able to attend at their allotted time, please contact us at least 48 hours beforehand and we will endeavour to offer an alternative.
  • We will not share the Zoom meeting details with anyone other than parents of pupils attending lessons


  • Will continue to be vigilant in terms of their observation of the pupils, as they would be in a school setting.  If our tutor is in any way concerned about the well-being of any pupil, they will report to the appropriate authorities.
  • Will use the Zoom 'Waiting Room' facility to ensure that only pupils that are on their MfSF timetable are allowed to attend the lesson.
  • Will not audio- or video-record the lessons.
  • Will not have or use email addresses or mobile phone numbers for pupils.  They will only communicate with parents using the details given to us by parents.
  • Will not respond should they receive any communication directly from pupils.
  • Will dress appropriately.
  • Will conduct the lesson from an appropriate private space (the tutor will digitally obscure their background where possible).
  • Will not initiate contact via Zoom at any time other than that pre-agreed with a parent/guardian.


  • Join and end the lesson on behalf of your child (for practical advice regarding using Zoom, click HERE).
  • Be able to hear the lesson at all times, although it is not necessary for you to be ‘onscreen’.
  • Ensure that the lessons do not take place in a closed room or the child’s bedroom.  If this cannot be avoided, please make sure that you stay with your child.
  • Ensure that appropriate clothing is worn by the pupil (i.e. not nightwear!).
  • Ensure that lessons take place in an area where there is adequate light.
  • Have all normal learning materials (instrument, book, pencil) to hand ready for when the lesson starts.

Online tuition is not a permanent replacement for standard tuition in school with MfSF.  It is our intention to resume lessons in school as soon as it is possible and safe to do so.