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The questions below relate to lessons once they have started.  If you about to enrol but aren't sure which instrument your child will be able to manage, the following is a good guide:

Year 1 pupils - Recorder is best for our very young pupils.
Year 2 pupils - Recorder would be a great option, but some Year 2 pupils can manage the Mini Clarinet.
Year 3 pupils - Mini Clarinet, Curved Head Flute and Cornet are perfect for children at the start of Key Stage 2.
Year 4 pupils - Some Year 4 pupils can manage standard Clarinets, Flutes and Cornets and Trumpets, but smaller Year 4's might still need the smaller instruments.
Year 5 pupils - All should be able to manage standard Clarinets, Flutes, Cornets and Trumpets, and should not need the smaller instruments unless they are particularly little.  Some Year 5 pupils can manage the Alto Sax.
Year 6 pupils - All pupils in Year 6 should be able to manage any of the standard instruments we offer, and a smaller instrument should not be needed.
There's no need to worry though, if the instrument chosen in the first instance doesn't work out, there is always the option to swap to a different instrument at no extra cost if you need to.

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