Who are Music for Schools?

Music for Schools have been teaching throughout England and Wales for well over a decade.

We began with a handful of schools local to our Burton on Trent base, and the scheme quickly snowballed to be what it is today. We hold a strong presence in over 500 schools from Yorkshire down to Kent!

How does the scheme work?

Music for Schools start your child’s musical journey with an assembly at school. One of our representatives will come and introduce your child to each of the instruments that we offer by teaching them about different musical families, what parts the instruments consist of and not forgetting, letting them have some serious fun in a controlled learning environment.

A letter is then sent out to all parents advising them of a parents meeting in which the MfSF representative will be in school to talk through the scheme and advise parents of lesson contents, long term goals and of course…….the costs involved. Our representative will also ensure that your child starts on an instrument that is suitable to their individual needs, by making a professional assessment based on size and capability. All of our independent teachers live within an easy commute of your school, they are all fully DBS checked and have undergone an intensive training program which continues throughout their time with the foundation.