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Welcome Kids to our pages!

This is strictly no grown ups allowed so if you are not a student with Music for Schools READ NO FURTHER!

Right now that's out of the way, let me tell you what you can do here. You can play games or maybe you like your teacher so much you want to tell Tim all about it. You can learn all about your instrument and even all the other instruments that your teacher can play!! You will astound everyone with your knowledge!  Whatever it is you are in the right the right place to do it!! 

Do you love playing your instrument?

Why not get a grown up to take a picture of you either playing it or giving us your best musical pose! Click on the "Photos" cloud for details of how to send it in!

Is your teacher the best?

Do they make you laugh in your lessons? Or do they give you lots of homework? Whatever it is tell us all about it my clicking on the "My Teacher" cloud above.

If you are here because you need a break from your practice, or simply cause you've been good and your allowed a bit of time on the computer, why not click on the "Games" cloud above where you can just sit back and chill out for a bit whilst playing a game or downloading the picture to colour in......... All musical related of course!!


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